The GO TEC Training Lab, located at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, serves as the training hub for GO TEC Career Connections middle school teachers. GO TEC staff offer teacher training and support on the same equipment used by teachers in the classroom. Scheduled on-site and remote training via virtual live streaming are available as well as remote troubleshooting and tech support. In the future, the lab may be used for other broader purposes to benefit the community, industry and educational partners.

Sample Equipment

  • Robotics and automation resources like Dobot Magician, Conveyor, Vision and more
  • IT coding tools like CanaKit Raspberry Pi, Scratch and others
  • Precision machining equipment like a Haas CNC Milling Machine
  • Metrology tools like a steel rule, micrometer, caliper and others
  • Mechanical engineering resources like Fusion 360, a 3D printer, a laser cutter and more
  • Electrical engineering tools like a digital multimeter
  • Manufacturing engineering resources like a lean simulation kit
  • Virtual welding tools like the Lincoln VRTEX Welding Simulator


  • On-site training
  • On-site and virtual tours
  • Remote troubleshooting assistance
  • Remote training and tutorials
  • Recorded tutorials and resources

Join GO TEC Training Coordinator Jacob Taylor and GO TEC Career Connections Teacher Evan Jones (Cumberland Middle School) for a tour of the GO TEC Training Lab at IALR. Jacob and Evan demonstrate the high-tech, hands-on equipment used to inspire middle school students to pursue careers in technology and engineering. The lab is used by Jacob to help teachers like Evan master the GO TEC equipment and tools before implementing them in the classroom.

GO TEC Training Lab tour
GO TEC Training Lab tour

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