Early Exposure to the Power of GO TEC

Thanks to the support of GO Virginia, employers and educators, GO TEC can open the door to engineering and technology careers early. Through this career exploration curriculum taught in middle school, students begin to learn about the nearly 1 million competitive wage job opportunities waiting for them in the future through these career paths. All 17 career clusters are covered with a special emphasis on GO TEC strategic career focus areas.

Curriculum & Equipment

The GO TEC Career Connections program introduces students to five focus areas:  precision machining; welding; IT / cybersecurity; robotics, automation and mechatronics; and advanced materials. Healthcare, identified as a regional priority, has also been included as a unit within the program. Students complete a nine-unit curriculum that exposes them to various career pathways and career-specific vocabulary. 

Each GO TEC Career Connections lab utilizes equipment comparable to that used in the various industry settings. The goal at the middle school level is to introduce students to the various career pathways and pique their interests in one or more of the pathways.  To do this, students research the various careers within each of the pathways and learn about the equipment through hands-on activities.

The nine curriculum units and industry-comparable equipment follow:


Students explore the career pathways of healthcare and learn about health sciences through hands-on training using the blood pressure simulators and the CPR manikins.


  • Blood Pressure Simulator
  • Stethoscope
  • CPR Manikin (adult, adolescent and infant)
Automation & Robotics

Students learn about the various career options related to robotics, automation and mechatronics, and they explore the safety requirements when working within the field of automation. Students build up their knowledge of mechanical systems and energy transfer as they apply what they know to the design and program various automated projects.


  • Dobot Magician
  • Dobot Conveyor
  • Dobot Vision
  • Vex IQ
IT Coding & Networking

Students examine the career pathway of IT and are introduced to creative computing as they learn about different programming languages and the gaming industry. They will put their skills to work as they create their own programs and games.


  • CanaKit Raspberry Pi
  • Sunfounder Sensor
  • Scratch
Precision Machining

Students examine the career pathway of precision machining and learn about safety requirements, tools and equipment, and the importance of applied mathematics in precision machining.


  • Haas CNC Milling Machine

Students investigate and learn measurement concepts and their application in manufacturing. Through hands-on activities using various measurement equipment, students explore the world of measurement standards and tolerances and their applications in different industries.


  • Steel Rule
  • Micrometer
  • Caliper
Mechanical Engineering

Through parametric modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting and engraving, students are engaged in the process of 3D design, prototyping and manufacturing. Career opportunities of this pathway are explored as students complete various design and manufacturing projects.


  • Fusion 360
  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Whitebox Learning Kits
Electrical Engineering

Students explore career opportunities in electrical engineering as they are immersed in electrical principles and applications. Students use various electronic components, including breadboards and computer controllers, as they are exposed to the fascinating applications of digital electronics.


  • Digital Multimeter
Manufacturing Engineering

GO TEC students examine various production scenarios and identify areas of improvement in the production process. Continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma and other manufacturing principles are investigated and applied as students explore the field of manufacturing engineering.


  • Lean Simulation Kit

Students learn about the career pathway of welding as well as the various welding methods. Safety precautions are taught and students are given the unique opportunity to learn valuable hands-on skills through the use of the welding simulator.


  • Lincoln VRTEX Welding Simulator

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